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MXI Xocai Chocolate MLM...
is poised to hit momentum. MXI Xocai’s record speaks for itself!  MXI Xocai is only 7 years old, family owned, and completely debt free!  Year to year sales growth continues to provide Xocai Distributors with inpressive residual income opportunities!
MXI Xocai Chocolate MLM...
has just over 220,000 home based Distributors globally and growing over 43% annually in 41 countries including:
  *Czech Republic
  *Great Britian
  *Hong Kong
  *New Zealand
  *Puerto Rico
  *South Africa
  *St. Maarten
  *United Kingdom
  *United States

Chocolate MLM Business Opportunity
Xocai Internet Business Opportunity
MXI stands for Marketing Xocalate (Chocalate) International. According to MXI, the fastest growing segment in the health industry is the Functional Beverage Segment.

Way ahead of the “dark chocolate” trend, the Brooks family founded Xocai on the knowledge that chocolate can contain all the natural nutritional firepower of cacao.

MXI created Xocai (sho-sigh) and market it as a health promoting super antioxidant. MXI's MLM business products incorporate the most powerful antioxidant form of chocolate, an all natural process cocoa powder in combination with the powerful antioxidant Acai Berry and other fruits. The MXI Xocai Chocolate MLM business products are
sweetened with Agave Nectar to achieve a low glycemic index.

Prior to creating Xoçai, the Brooks marketed top-quality, low-carb chocolate products called Pure De Light through retail giants such as
Wal Mart and Walgreens.
Xocai’s expansive new 75,000 sq.-foot corporate facility is an indicator both of the company’s success and its commitment to its distributors.

Today, having now intensified their efforts to perfect a delicious and highly effective chocolate with Xoçai, the Brooks decided to market Xocai Healthy Chocolate via a highly successful network marketing business model - providing home based business entrepreneurs an opportunity to earn their share of payouts totalling 50% of combined sales approaching $1 billion. In addition, Xoçai is a debt-freecompany with a distributor retention rate among the highest in the industry.

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