Xocai Variety Pack

Xocai Variety Pack
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Xocai Power Squares - Nutritional Facts
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The Xocai "Best Sellers" Variety Pack includes approximately a one-week supply of each of our best-selling, Healthy Chocolate products: Xocai Nuggets, Xocai X Power Squares, Xocai Omega Squares, and Xocai XoBiotic Squares.

Each of these high antioxidant healthy products have been formulated to
provide you with a significant amount of antioxidants from our exclusive blend of cold-pressed cacao and freeze-dried açaí berries without the refined sugars and unhealthy fats, fillers and preservatives found in most other chocolate products.  The Xocai Variety Pack is an excellent choice for the healthy chocolate lover who wants variety in their high antioxidant healthy chocolate diet.  The Xocai "Best Sellers" Variety Pack consist of:

49,464 - 84,777 ORAC
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What is Xocai XoVita?...
As the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve lives worldwide through its unique healthy chocolate products.One such unique element is XoVita, a proprietary high antioxidant blend of cacao, acai and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai.
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Did you know that because of the way their cacao is processed, most chocolate products are not "really healthy".  However, you'll find, Xoçai's products are of the highest quality and the creator and the leader of the healthy chocolate industry. 
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Xocai Best Sellers Variety Pack

"Best Sellers" Variety Pack
1/4 Case of Xocai X Power Squares
1/4 Case of Xocai XoBiotic Squares
1/4 Case of Xocai Omega Squares
1/4 Case of Xocai Nuggets
Xocai Nuggets Nutrition Facts
Xocai Omega Squares Nutrition Facts
Xocai Power Squares Nutritin Facts
Xocai Xobiotic Squares Nutrition Facts

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