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Bill O'Reilly (Fox News) Sparks HUGE Interest In Xocai Healthy Chocolate Home Business Opportunity! : Xocai Healthy Chocolate Blog::Xocai Chocolate Blog. Healthy Chocolate Xocai Blog
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Bill O'Reilly (Fox News) Sparks HUGE Interest In Xocai Healthy Chocolate Home Business Opportunity!

by Healthy Chocolate Nbg on 08/06/12


On July 25, 2012, Xocai Xe Energy Drink, a high antioxidant healthy energy drink from Xocai Healthy Chocolate was featured on the O'Reilly Factor: Tip of the Day by Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly.  


With  millions of viewers watching, Bill O'Reilly endorsed Xocai and Xe Energy Drink as his drink of choice and said, "I drink it everyday", and then encouraged his viewers to "knock out the soda and replace with Xe Xocai Energy and your health will improve!"


Xocai Xe Energy Drink is one of 10 "extremely high" antioxidant products offered by MXI Xocai Healthy Chocolate via home based business distributors in 39 countries and growing!


Antioxidant intake has moved to the forefront of the health and nutrition movement as more and more companies are promoting and advertising antioxidant based products such as skin care, hair care, and even pet food!


Amazingly, the 54 second TV spot by Bill O'Reilly has sparked a huge surge in the Xocai Healthy Chocolate home business opportunity, as well as, the Xocai Healthy Chocolate products, including the Xocai Xe Energy Drinks that Bill O'Reilly loves!


Online interest and sales activity at the top Xocai Healthy Chocolate product stores and distributor "sign up" information sites include the following:     +9,325%     +3,733%     +1,700%     +1,267%     +400%


According to company leaders, these top 5 distributor sign up sites are expected to result in 1,000's of new distributors joining the Xocai Healthy Chocolate home business opportunity relatively quickly.  Anyone familiar with the network marketing business model already knows the value of securing a position early, which in this case, can easily result in a "life changing" monthly residual income that is already being realized by Xocai Million Dollar Earner, JJ. Birden and other Xocai Healthy Chocolate distributors throughout the world!


 Xocai Healthy Chocolate Nbg

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